Our History

Once jewellers by appointment to the royals, Kanjimull Jewellers bring alive their four-generations old tradition at their brand new Defence Colony store which has been launched recently. Drawing inspiration from their founding father Mr. Kanjimull, who started the business in 1870, Late. Mr. Vijay Khanna interprets the legendary name at his new store ably assisted by his daughters Gayatri and Mandira.

One visit to the Kanjimull Jewellers new store at Defence Colony is enough to know that a high level of personalised attention to the customer, focus on craftsmanship and quality is well-maintained and respected.

Kanjimull Jewellers are famous for their high standards in designing, quality of stones and mounting. Infact, their customers are known to remark that in this regard, there is none who compares to them in Delhi. Unlike most jewelers, Kanjimull Jewellers are proud of their legacy of creating bespoke design, in line with the tastes and preferences of their highly selective and demanding patrons.

The integrated facility of in-house designers and highly professional craftsmen allow Kanjimull Jewellers to custom design and create the jewellery. Every single piece of jewellery at their store is conceived, designed and made by the family.

The firm continues to enjoy the patronage of a discerning clientele, who appreciate exquisite and unique jewellery. One has just to walk into the store and read the many appointments and letters of appreciation displayed with pride.... to acknowledge the high reputation the firm enjoys.

The high standards set by the company's founder have been maintained, in fact set even higher, by the next three generations of the family. The fourth generation is now also involved in the business, after obtaining professional diplomas in Gemology from recognized institutes in India and abroad. The tradition is carried on by Mr. Vijay Khanna, Gayatari Bhardwaj and Mandira Khanna.

Lala_Kanjimull ji

Lachhman Das Khanna

Our Legacy

Letters of appreciation over the last 140 years.

Four Generations of Fine Jewellery

Hindustan's famous name in fine jewellery brings you the legacy of four generations at its brand new store at Defence Colony, New Delhi. Many things have changed since 1870. Thankfully, our tradition of crafting masterpieces has not.